Our Firm

Griffin Asset Management came in to existence after Glenn Griffin sought a better way to handle client's assets.  The use of fee based accounts and block trading allows for a much more efficient process of managing money.  Our investment philosophy is to invest in low cost investments such as individual equities and ETFs on behalf of our clients and then set downside price targets in an attempt to protect these assets.  These price targets are monitored and if any of our investments should violate the target, we will sell the investment and wait for an opportune time to reinvest.  This downside protection has been key in allowing our clients to feel more comfortable in investing.  Of course the intention is to participate in a portfolio of rising investments, but we are mindful that investments do not always go straight up.  Our firm prides itself on providing a high level of service to our clients while keeping our fees extremely competitive when compared to traditional investment services.  Our clients are always welcome to meet with us on a face to face basis to discuss their accounts and are contacted by us on a regular basis.